Department of Special Collections

Nordlandshandelsarkiver fra Bryggen
The norland archive from Bryggen
The Department for Special Collections forms part of the University Library of Bergen, itself a continuation of the old Bergen`s Museum`s Library, founded in 1825. The Special Collections incorporates gifts, donations and acquisitions of images, especially photographs, manuscripts, diplomas, maps, antiquarian books and newspapers.
“Kariol”. Stalheim 1888-94. Photo: Knud Knudsen
Organized as one administrative unit, the Picture Collection and the Rare Book Collection can be found at two separate locations, both within the University of Bergen campus. Please visit the Picture Collection in Nygårdsgaten 5 and the Rare Book Collection in Sydnesplass 7 (Humanities Building). The Department for Special Collections welcomes researchers, students, members of the press, publishers and others with an interest in relevant subjects.