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Lesesalen på Billedsamlingen
Reading hall at The Picture Collection
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The Picture Collection at the University of Bergen, Department of Special Collections is one of the largest and best recognized archives of historic photographs in Norway. Totaling around half a million photographic images, it consists of singular images and collections of various sizes originating with photographers, collectors and private donors. The Picture Collection is much used by researchers, students, press agencies, publishers and private customers.

The collection`s substantial national and international position is due in particular to the large and photohistorically important Knud Knudsen Collection and Sophus Tromholt Collection. While both collections have been recognized on Norway`s Document Heritage List from 2012 onwards, the Sophus Tromholt Collection is also included on UNESCO`s Memory of the World List (from 2013). The Knudsen Collection consists of negatives and positives from 1862 until the 1970s, with a particular focus on Norwegian landscapes. Sophus Tromholt photographed the indigenous Sámi population in Finnmark 1882-1883, and the images depict Sámi daily life, customs and culture.

The Picture Collection continues to digitize and digitally catalogue its collections. Large collections by photographers from Bergen, the Knud Knudsen Collection and Widerøe`s aerial photographs from the Bergen area can be seen in the Reading Room. Remaining collections are kept in cold storage, and visitors need the assistance of staff to access relevant images.

All images are available for sale or loan. Please note that the Picture Collection does not lend original copies. Copies can be ordered for private or public use, regulated by certain rights. The Collection`s Photographer digitizes all images to order and they are delivered as copies on photographic paper to private customers or as digital files for use in publications. Price list.

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