Photographic services

Interiør fra kontoret til Bergens Kreditbank 1928/38. Foto: Atelier KK
Interior of Bergen Credit bank 1928/38. Photo: Atelier KK

The Picture Collection offers various photographic services. All pictures in the collection may be bought or rented. The Picture Collection do not lend out originals. Copies for private and public use can be purchased with given guidelines. The prints are made by our photographer and prints may be made in different sizes. The negatives varie in hight/ width ratio, the print may differ from the given sizes. We deliver digital files for publishing only.



13×18 cm 100 NOK
18×24 cm 150 NOK
24×30 cm 200 NOK
30×40 cm 250 NOK
40×50 cm 350 NOK
50×60 cm 450 NOK
60×70 cm 550 NOK

Profesional users:

Books, film, newsprint etc          500 NOK