Conditions for use of material from the Picture Collection

If no special agreement exist, the following conditions applies:

1. Copies for private use may not be communicated or published without the consent of the University of Bergen Library.

2. Files for publishing are released to the user upon completion of this form.

3. Publishing files are for one-time use only and cannot be archived or passed on to other parties.

4. All publication is dependent upon a file production fee.

5. The pictures cannot be re-used in any printed form without special permission from the University of Bergen Library.

6. For all publication, including internet use, the photographer’s name, (if known) and the institution’s name (University of Bergen Library) must be stated.

7. Pictures from the Special Collection/Picture Collection web pages can be downloaded and used freely in the the original size and file format, upon proper credit of photographer/institution as above.

8. Picture files must not be manipulated. Cropping should be avoided. Any such changes should be clearly indicated in a caption.

9. The user should take care in publishing any picture so as to not injure the person(s) portrayed or harm the photographer’s reputation (see the Norwegian Åndsverkloven).

Interiør fra Tollboden ca. 1920. Foto: Atelier KK
Interior from the customs office in Bergen. 1920. Photo: Atelier KK